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JimmyD-portrait-photoI’ve spent 30+ years working in tourism, travel, recreation and leisure in Australia and Central Europe. During the 1980s, I worked in Switzerland with one of Europe’s premier youth recreation/education companies organising and managing holiday camps for international youth and educational tours for school groups from around the world. Since my move to Australia in 1988, I’ve been progressively discovering this marvelous continent and its next-door neighbour, New Zealand. I initially moved to Australia to establish a holiday camps and educational tours company, Australian Camps & Tours P/L, with two Australian colleagues.
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We continued the work we’d done in Europe with youth, young adults and school groups from Australia and overseas. I then changed directions: for the past 17 years, I’ve been able to ‘show off’ this stunning region (Australia and New Zealand) to French-, Italian- and English-speaking tourists from the four corners of the planet. I’ve worked from camping right up to and regularly with 5* clientele, including professional, technical, specialist and sporting groups. This has provided me with a wealth of knowledge of what’s available for visitors of all persuasions and interests and a genuine ‘feel’ for what these tourists want in a memorable holiday.
That’s where “Around Australia with JimmyD”, comes into it. I’m offering ‘à la carte’ tours Australia-wide. ‘A la carte’? There is such an incredible array destinations and activities therein in this region and I’ll be offering to put together ‘your’ tour, i.e. tailor-make a tour to your liking based on the destinations and inclusions you’ve chosen. I’ll even manage it for you, if you’d like! Sure, you may be able to find tour visits that are a tad less costly but will they take you where you really want to go? I am a professional driver (small groups), speak English, French and Italian fluently and will take great pleasure in making this a holiday of a lifetime for you, your family and friends or your group. I look forward to hearing from you and placing those pieces in the mosaic of your dream holiday.


JimmyD has visited all the greatest places on this amazing continent